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We are the best beauty and cosmetic product photography studio! We create beauty product photography of makeup, skincare, hair styling products, eyebrow serums, hair extensions, toothpaste, supplements, perfume, sunscreen and more. Our cosmetics photography is used on social media, web banners, website splash pages, press releases and more.

Beauty and cosmetics are hard to photograph, and it’s important to hire a professional photography studio like BLACK + GOLD to make your products shine. Beauty products and cosmetics are notorious for shiny surfaces, delicate ingredients, and sensitive packaging. Having a full service photography studio at your disposal is invaluable. We work with professional stylists, photographers and retouchers. Our art directors have produced beauty, cosmetics and makeup photography for many clients, and have many years of experience.

Clients from all over America send us their beauty and cosmetics products for photo shoots in our Brooklyn, New York studio. Sometimes they will join us on the day of their shoot, but often they will stay in the office and approve images remotely!

Typically clients book us for a 1-5 full days of shooting depending on how many images they need. We also have partial day packages available, and for very simple shoots, we can do hourly rates. We work with companies of all sizes, from boutique makeup brands like Winky Lux, to larger corporations like Moroccon Oil.

With BLACK + GOLD, you don’t have to worry about hiring scores of outside talent, hidden fees for retouching, or having someone to oversee the consistency of the whole process. We do it for you!

We offer a seven day turnaround for our finished images, which allows our clients to keep in stride with the fast paced world of e-commerce.

Why invest in proper makeup and beauty photography? Your brand will be set apart visually from your competitors. The details of your photographs will be tended to. Quality always shows. It’s worth spending the money to have your photographs created with proper styling, lighting, retouching and branding. These days, product photography carries your online sales and presence.

Hire BLACK + GOLD, the best cosmetics and beauty photography studio in New York City today!