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Custom Campaigns

At BLACK + GOLD, we create stunning and impactful custom photography for brands and companies nationwide. Our custom photography services are popular with fashion and accessories designers, beauty and cosmetics companies, wellness and supplement products, gift item companies, and many other consumer product brands.

These days, having creative eCommerce photography is critical to your brand’s success. Quality creative images of your products make them come alive on your website, social media feeds, online advertising banners, catalogs and marketing collateral. Creative custom photographs move customers to purchase. Make your brand stand out.

At BLACK + GOLD, we offer custom commercial photography for brands. Our staff producers and art directors work with you to design a package of custom photography with a variety of artistic themes. We create photographs to forward certain sales, holidays, contests, collaborations and initiatives. In designing custom photographs for your brand, we select props, models, environments, backgrounds, lighting and more. We are master producers at BLACK + GOLD, and we make sure the time we spend capturing your images is well used.

We excel at commercial photography services. Our Product Photography New York studio is stocked with professional lighting, grip equipment, computers and more. We use state of the art photography equipment. We shoot tethered and product high resolution digital files. All our packages are full service and include all talent, production costs and retouching. Leave the work to us!

Clients from all over America send us their merchandise for photo shoots in our Product Photography Brooklyn NY studio. Sometimes they will join us on the day of their shoot, but often they will stay in the office and approve images remotely.

At BLACK + GOLD, you don’t have to worry about hiring scores of outside talent, hidden fees for retouching, or having someone to oversee the consistency of the whole process. We do it for you! We offer a seven day turnaround for our finished images, which allows our clients to keep in stride with the fast paced world of eCommerce.