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Social Media Influencers

As a premier full service social media media management company, we offer a range of social media influencer and micro influencer programs for clients in beauty, fashion, accessories, health and wellness industries. Today’s social media development hinges on successful cross collaborations and connections between compatible brands and people.

At BLACK + GOLD, we research social media micro influencers to cultivate your brand. There are many options out there on social media networks. Part of our social media marketing services includes finding the best micro influencers to work with your brand online. Who has relevant engagement and reach? We know how to tell. We find people and companies that align with your brand on a variety of levels.

Micro influencers promote and build your brand awareness and lead to sales and other business results on social media. But this takes many levels of specialized work! Research, awareness of engagement metrics, and an understanding of your brand goes into successfully developing a micro influencer network. Once that network grows, relationships must be managed and cultivated. There is a need to curate and direct the photos and videos your influencers post or provide. Let us do this work for you.

At BLACK + GOLD, we often far surpass the capability and prowess of in-house social media personnel. We have years of experience and we produce measurable results. We have developed micro influencer and influencer networks for Promera Sports fitness supplements, Oars and Alps mens skincare, CanineActiv pet supplements, Clarifast skin cleanser, UPA pole fitness, Stupid Cancer non-profit group, and Keracolor hair products.

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a network of influencers, we will take your social media marketing game to the next level. By establishing clear goals and setting monthly and quarterly targets, we boost your marketing return in a measurable way.