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Social Media Management

BLACK + GOLD is the premier creative social media management company. With our background in social media photography and social media art, companies love the artistic edge we bring to our social media management, growth, and advertising services.

We provide social media marketing services to companies across North America in the fashion, beauty, wellness, fitness, consumer goods, technology and non profit sectors. Our social media marketing services are popular with companies like Vireo Network health products, Catherine Page jewelry, UPA pole artist community and many others. The social media development we provide set brands apart from the competition!

We grow, manage and curate your social media accounts, as well as build and manage your micro-influencer network and social media advertising. Under our care, your feeds experience social media growth and your brand will gain exposure and sales. We design our social media management program to achieve your brand and sales goals. We provide analytic reports each month and have clear measures and targets for our actions.

Whether you are starting from zero, or have an established social media presence, we step in to be your vital team for social media development. We have launched brands such as Godefroy makeup serums and Coconut Secret food products. We have experience working with established companies like Promera Sports supplements, Oars and Alps mens skincare, and Keracolor haircare products, where we take their accounts and social media growth to the next level.

As a bespoke social media management company, we provide tailored solutions to each client. Your team includes a host of talented specialists, from photo editors, to social media engagement workers, to graphic designers, to social media advertising specialists. Hiring an agency like BLACK + GOLD is far more economical and advantageous than hiring one person on staff. You get the talents and abilities of many people consolidated into the financial equivalent of one staff member! Our clients love the fresh creative approach and social media expertise our company brings to the table.