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Social Media Management LA for Fashion and Beauty Brands – What Should You Know

Social media has emerged as the best tool for every fashion and beauty brand to connect with customers. Even if you haven’t hired a social media management agency, you may have already tested the waters with your social media accounts and seen the many benefits. These platforms expose your products to potential customers, as well as let you engage with them, creating more opportunities for selling your product. But hiring just any agency for social media marketing in LA won’t yield top results if you wish to sell fashion, accessories, jewelry or beauty products. You need a true specialist agency to help your brand grow on social media and establish better connect with your target customers. So why do you need a specialist for social media management in LA? Let’s find out –

Images are your selling point…        
What arouses the desire in the mind of a customer to buy a fabulous new piece of jewelry, or a new lipstick in cool packaging, or a trendy new scarf? Without an iota of doubt, it is the images you use in the campaign. They tell much beyond the ‘thousand words’ cliché that we have all grown up hearing. If you can use inspiring images in your social media posts you will be able to catch a potential customer immediately. This is where working with an agency that has experience in photography will work to your advantage. You can engage them to shoot tantalizing images to make your social media presence extra-inviting. Even if you already have images ready, they’ll add expert skills to improve them or select/modify the ones that are likely to strike a chord with your audience.

Social media marketing isn’t just Facebook marketing…
Don’t be surprised if your next-door social media agency starts your social media marketing plan with Facebook and ends with Facebook. The problem with agencies that promote every business from carpet cleaners to those selling auto spare parts is that they can’t think beyond Facebook. And you can’t blame them as Facebook by sheer numbers is the largest social platform in the world. While you need to harness the reach and power of Facebook as a jewelry, fashion, accessories or fashion brand you can’t overlook the power of Instagram. It is a visual medium where the images work magic. When it comes to promoting your label you can’t expect to see the same traction with a tweet or a Facebook post as you’d see on Instagram. Your target audience is likely to search for new products on Instagram and you need to have an active presence there.

Inherent knowledge is important…               
When you work with a creative agency that offers social media marketing services you stand to gain from their inherent knowledge about users’ search habits and aspirations. Since they have worked on similar projects in the past they bring in-depth knowledge about the users that help in increasing the reach of your campaign and also its conversion rate.

Keep these things in mind when you are choosing an agency for social media management in LA. You need specialists for this job if you wish to harness the true power of the social media campaign.

Summary: In this write-up, we take a look at some of the reasons to hire a specialist agency for Social Media Management in LA to promote fashion, jewelry, beauty, skincare, and accessories.

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Brand Promotion On Facebook: A Trending Marketing Strategy

Back when the internet was in its infancy, putting a basic informational website in place was sufficient for your business to have some success. Three, five or even ten years back, a significant number of entrepreneurs had their kid or somebody they knew to put together a website and they haven’t paid any mind since. These entrepreneurs are leaving a large amount of money on the table by just not keeping abreast of the times. These days, not only does your website need to be engaging, you need to be playing the social media game.

Critical for business success today is getting your brand in front of a maximum number of targeted consumers; and then, keeping your presence in front of them. If you seriously want to popularize your brand online, make sure to “set up tables” where people are hanging out!

Brand promotion with Facebook

The most visited website worldwide in 2018 was Facebook. This is indeed a destination where people are hanging out on the internet. With 2.32 billion monthly active users in the fourth quarter of 2018 and growing, it is critical to grasp how Facebook can be used as a marketing tool to help grow your eCommerce business.

People go to Facebook to connect with friends and family, but they also go to connect with businesses both large and small. This opens up doors for business owners and marketers to create relationships with prospects and network with existing clients. No Social Media Marketing Agency NYC worth their salt will ever disregard Facebook when creating a marketing strategy for their clients, and the same should go for business owners.

Facebook marketing is building relationships

The big challenge for most entrepreneurs is they don’t have the time and skills to set up a powerful Facebook marketing strategy. Consistency becomes an issue. A major error most newbie entrepreneurs make is to limit Facebook posts to links and offers to “buy my stuff.” On social media, purchasing often happens after relationships are built, not before. So how does one start tackling Facebook and building those relationships?

First, make a plan! Determine the frequency of posts and also the type of content shared. Your content should add value to people’s lives. Share videos, articles and blog posts that educate potential buyers and portray you as a specialist in your field. Some things to include are Tips, How-to’s etc. Third party content can be useful as well if you can ensure it will attract your audience.

Pictures, coupons, offers, promotions, and testimonials can also be shared. Testimonials are especially important; urge customers to share the experiences they’ve had with your business on your Facebook wall.

Take the help of professionals

Use the services of a top-grade Social Media Marketing Agency NYC to help manage your Facebook business presence. They can help in many ways from optimizing your page, creating a marketing plan, curating your content, running special promotions, and engaging your fans daily.


Make a priority to set up your Facebook business page and start building your presence.

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Boost Your Sales with Impressive Jewelry Photography

If you are in the business of jewelry, you know the importance of an image. Whether it is on the product page of your online store or a billboard at a busy road intersection, an image can transform how people perceive your business and drive sales through the roof. But as they say, not all images are created equal.  The quality and creativity of your images is everything. At Black + Gold we have been in this business for many years. We know what it takes to have shoppers click on your images.

Impressive images grab eyeballs easily…
Jewelry photography is all about glitz and glamour. But it is one of the toughest assignments for any photographer. There are many images of jewelry out there. But not all stand apart. How can an image grab attention? It all boils down to composition, styling and specialized lighting. This genre of photography can test the skills of the finest photographers and this is where we triumph as an agency.

Great images boost impulsive shopping… 
You know what is impulsive shopping, don’t you? As an online retailer you want people to buy your products as soon as they see them. Great images immediately arouse desire in the minds of people. If you have the right images on your social media feeds or online store, you will be able to easily convert casual visitors into customers. We have always focused on shooting and creating images that can grab your potential customer’s attention in one look.

Impressive jewelry photography can boost your sales and increase your customer base. This is where we as a marketing company are your best bet. We have prior experience in jewelry photography and know what it takes to click those masterpiece photos for your online or social media campaign. You must remember that while every agency can claim great images, not all of them can tell a story. Not all of them can arouse the right kind of desire in the minds of your target audience.

Summary: In this write-up we take a look at how impressive jewelry photography can boost your sales and revenue.

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Boost Sales with Impressive Apparel Photography

Apparel Photography Redefined…

From look books to advertising campaigns and images for ecommerce store we do it all We are specialists in apparel photography and tell your brand’s most compelling story to the audience using images. Every assignment is a new challenge with its own dynamics and that’s what our team thrives on. Our creative artists have experience in working with fashion labels from all verticals. From premium wear to street fashion we have managed campaigns for clients around the world. If it can be done with an image we know how to do it.

Did you know 87% of customers shopping for apparels make their decision based on product image alone? If you wish to boost sales on your online store or want to make your brand’s website strike the perfect chord with your audience, we are the agency you are looking for. In case you want to distinguish your brand through an offline campaign our images we help you enter into the hearts and minds of your audience. At Black + Gold we aren’t a jargon junkie digital marketing company nor are we your average wedding photographer. We are a marketing agency that builds perfect synergy between creativity and technical knowhow to create images that are appealing and immersive.

We don’t just click, we create…

Apparel photography isn’t a function of the camera and light alone it is an art form. As a seasoned agency we just don’t click images we create them. We visualize them in our mind before we let the light in through the lens. The rest of the magic is worked on an editing suit. This is the reason we have always clicked stunning images and shot impressive product portfolios.

Call us for your apparel photography campaign and we shall drive your brand towards new markets and excellence.

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How Small Businesses Use Instagram to Gain Exposure

Instagram for small businesses has become a gamechanger in recent years. It’s a powerful platform for building brands, discovering influencers, and creating a visual narrative of a company. Aesthetically pleasing and deeply personal, the social media networking site helps new companies gain the recognition they so richly deserve.

Creating a Narrative That People See, Enjoy, and Relate To

Through visual storytelling, small businesses are able to position themselves in the minds and lives of the people that make up their target audience. Because the internet is full of businesses vying for their customers’ attention, Instagram is the type of tool that gives companies a leg up on the competition. It allows them to form connections with the people the small businesses are trying to appeal to.

Offering New Products and Services, Promotions, and Partnerships with Influencers

When authenticity is present, loyalty follows. Customers go to Instagram for inspiration. They follow their favorite companies on the social media platform as a way to stay in the loop about new products being offered, promotions being run, and the new influencers being brought on to help the brand shine.

Small Businesses are Given a Gigantic Platform with Outstanding Worldwide Reach

With a platform that includes over 800 million active accounts monthly, there is no better place to create a rich visual narrative of a small business, its brand, and culture. According to Instagram, “80% of accounts follow a business,” and over 300 million accounts use the Stories option daily. The reason why so many businesses choose Instagram as the social media account they focus their marketing on is because it allows them to form connections with like-minded people, create beautiful branding through photography and creativity, and allow customers to explore companies which often leads to loyal consumerism.

From Obscurity to the Spotlight in a Matter of Months

Small businesses who want to go from obscurity to the spotlight quickly find ways to style their products and relay their services in a manner that makes their customers want to buy them. Relying heavily on their visual narrative, the photography being used for small business branding on Instagram must be perfect. It should tell the story about the company in a single shot. The photography should evoke emotion, be memorable, and get people to want to take action by visiting the website of the small business, signing up for its mailing list or sharing the company’s post on their own Instagram account. Instagram helps gain interest in small businesses and drive sales to the company’s website, Etsy store or another e-commerce site. Our company specializes in small business branding with an emphasis on impactful photography that is relevant and breathtakingly beautiful.

What Black & Gold Can Do for Your Instagram Account

To learn more about Black & Gold and what we can do for your business, take a look at our website. Get a feel for how we work and the quality of services we provide. Let us help your brand stand out on the hottest platform available, Instagram, today!
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Case Study: How Narzbaby used Instagram to launch their brand


Market Trend: Small Businesses Rampant on Instagram, the Hottest Social Media Platform Today

If you thought that social media marketing was only for big businesses, you’re wrong. It’s what drives smaller businesses out of obscurity and into the public eye. Take Narzbaby for example. The home-based business sells baby apparel and accessories made from quality materials that are meant to last.

After launching on Etsy in early 2018, Narzbaby founders, mom Maria, and daughters Ashley and Alyssa, wanted to find a impactful way to share their brand with customers. Being a small business, every marketing dollar counted. The women came to boutique marketing agency Black + Gold for assistance in creating an online strategy using social media and micro influencers to drive sales to their brand.

Creative Photography Helps Customers Relate to Your Brand

Black + Gold Executive Director Elizabeth Waterman and Creative Director Jhon Catano created a tailored strategy to launch the the mom and pop baby brand. Their goal was to create impactful photography for the brand and make use of the micro influencer trend booming on Instagram in the baby apparel market.

First off, Catano managed and art directed a creative photography shoot that yielded assets for the Narzbaby website, Etsy page, and Instagram. The shoot took place at the Black + Gold studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and was shot by Mari Juliano and styled by Steven Remington. Making use of broad light and soft styling, the shoot yielded images that were fresh and clean. This fit well with the Narzbaby brand, which prides itself on using many eco-friendly and healthy materials in its production.

Creating a Visual Narrative Helps Customers Relate to Your Brand

The Black + Gold team worked to create a visual narrative of the Narzbaby brand that was relatable and consistent across all platforms. The new images were integrated into a website facelift and Etsy page design. Catano and Waterman created a visual story for the Narzbaby Instagram, involving the family-centric story of Maria, Ashley and Alyssa, as well as the healthy and eco-friendly attributes of the brand. Pulling vintage family photos, integrating clean graphic design, and using the creative product photography, the Black + Gold team created Instagram feed that started to attract major attention. That was were the second phase of the strategy involving micro influencers and collaborators began!

The Narzbaby Etsy page got a refresh.


The Narzbaby Instagram feed tells the intimate story of the family based business.


Candid shots of the Narzbaby founders as kids added a playful vibe to the brand’s Instagram feed.


What’s hot for small brands? Explaining Relationships with Micro Influences & Collaborators

Connecting with micro influences and collaborators on Instagram has been a hot new way small brands are getting the word out. Influential people with dedicated followings on social media can be targeted to help generate sales for small businesses like Narzbaby. Brands provide discounts or free products in exchange for exposure on said influencer’s Instagram account. It establishes relationships with people who have a known following and can encourage others to check out a specific product or brand that they are promoting. They’re essentially serving as virtual ambassadors for the companies they choose to work with.

In addition to these micro influencers, small brands are also championing each other on Instagram, especially in certain demographics such as baby apparel and merchandise. These brands often serve similar interests or markets but are not direct competitors. Both benefit from the others exposure. Narzbaby had a successful collaboration with Rykers Heart Heros Foundation that left both brands, and their fans, feeling heartwarmed.

The collaboration with Rykers Heart Heros Foundation got positive feedback on the Narzbaby Instagram.

Should your brand consider working with micro influencers and other collaborative brands?

Does your brand get great natural reviews from customers? Do you have loyal fans? If so, you may want to consider professionalizing these relationships and stepping into the world of micro influencers. Each market is different, and its useful to have a professional team on board.  To learn more about Black + Gold and what we can do for your business, take a look around our website. Get a feel for how we work and the quality of services we provide. Like Narzbaby, it’s time to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Let us help your brand stand out on Instagram, the hottest platform today!

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The Benefits of Professional Photography for Business

We will be the first to admit it: the internet age has given birth to an astounding array of powerful and creative ways to promote organizations. From social media marketing to online video advertising to email newsletter campaigns and so on ad nauseum — the selection is vast enough to be dizzying.

If you do happen to feel overwhelmed by the quantity of options at your disposal, then you certainly aren’t alone. Small business owners, in particular, may be driven to frustration by the disparity between their down-sized budgets and the limitless number of marketing channels they could be pursuing — if only their wallets were a bit beefier.

The point we hope to make with this article is that, even considering all the ways that you could potentially invest in organizational marketing, professional photography continues to be one of the best choices. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Put Your True Face Forward

Stock photography might get the job done — at least in a certain, minimal sense. For example, it helps give your website a polished, well-finished look and it allows you to visually reinforce the ideas that you share through text. Moreover, virtually any form of visual content will help improve a website’s search engine scores, and may be recycled for content marketing on social media.

If you really want to go the extra mile, however, original photography can accomplish everything stock photos do, only better. Most search engines, for example, are configured to value unique content more than reposted items — and your “well-polished website” will seem a lot sharper if it features actual photos of your products! Last but not least, it is a safe bet that customer trust in your brand will increase rather than decrease when you make an effort to show what you offer first hand. Why not openly demonstrate exactly how proud you are of your organization?

2. Improve Your Content Marketing Game

Social media marketing is a pretty broad term — encompassing Facebook crusaders to Instagram artists to Twitter enthusiasts are much more. Regardless of which channels you may prefer, however, you should understand that content is the heart and soul of any good campaign.


Curating quality content from other relevant sources is a good starting point: but original content such as blog posts, videos, photos, etc. will bring the most attention and respect to your page. And because, today more than ever, the social media scene rewards visually-based content above all else, it has never been a better time to begin creating graphics, memes, and… you guessed it, professional photographs!

3. Master the Art of the First Impression.

Regardless of what a certain axiom may warn, most customers DO Judge Books Based on their Covers. According to one study conducted by Adweek, for example, as many as 80 percent of all customers now conduct at least some online research before making a decision about major purchases. If you can’t provide high quality, professional photographs of your products, then you risk losing your potential customers to a competitor who can.

Learn more about our professional photography services at Black and Gold online today!

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Social Media Trends to Look Out For in 2018

Social media marketing trends seem to evolve faster every year. (And don’t expect 2018 to be an exception!) Digital marketing experts are already predicting a number of influential shifts virtually guaranteed to occur during this upcoming year. Here are a few worth watching for:

1. Instagram Stories Will Continue its Meteoric Growth

Until recently, using this popular social media platform used to consist of a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, users had to strive for frequent-enough updates to keep their followers engaged. At the same time, users don’t want to flood their gallery with redundant and relatively low-quality photos and videos.

The perfect solution? A temporary “story reel” that allows users to post photos and videos that last for 24 hours before disappearing! (A feature that, you may have noticed, was virtually 100% copycatted from rival platform Snapchat, which Instagram unsuccessfully attempted to buy. But that’s a different story.) The bottom line is that Instagram stories, released hardly a year ago, have rapidly become one of the most popular features of the site. And this growth in popularity shows no sign of slowing. If you are not yet participating in Instagram Stories, the time to start is probably now.

2. Influencer Marketing Will Become More…Influential

The biggest names in social media keep getting bigger. Influencers continue growing their audiences and developing better content, wider reach, and more sophisticated marketing strategies. Because of this, building relationships with relevant influencers in your industry is more important than ever. Content sharing, blog commenting, and other forms of influencer relationship building should all be on your agenda for 2018.

3. Gen Z Shifts the Paradigm Toward Visual Content

In its earliest days, social media was virtually synonymous with microblogging — short and sometimes quite personal blurbs of text, such as Facebook statuses or even Tweets. With every passing year, however, the popularity of text-based content declines in favor of visual mediums such as video and photography.

Experts have given a wide variety of explanations for this ongoing phenomenon — some attribute this change to algorithm updates by Google and Facebook, while others claim it is simply a reflection off human psychology. One factor certainly in play here? The rise of Gen Z. (Born roughly 1995 – 2010.) This cohort has been shown time and time again to be exceptionally interested in visual content above all else — and their buying power is on the rise.

 4. Live Content Rules

Who doesn’t love live entertainment? Facebook, Google, and many of their competitors are promoting their new live video platforms hard because they know that sooner rather than later, these technologies will dominate the social media scene. Getting a head start now is probably a wise move for virtually any business or organization.

 5. Twitter Will Continue to Shake Things Up

2017 was a disappointing year for Twitter — which, in case you have been living under a rock, is one of the biggest and most influential social media platforms in the world. Considering their power and influence, Twitter certainly isn’t going to lose relevance without a fight! Already, Twitter has committed to a dramatic change when they doubled their character limit. Expect more radically groundbreaking moves of this sort in 2018, as well!


For more tips on social media campaign management and online marketing, visit Black and Gold online today!

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Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2018

For ambitious people everywhere, the new year represents an exciting opportunity to make a positive changes in their personal and professional lives. If you are a part of this crowd (and let’s be real, no one runs a business without being at least somewhat ambitious) then you are probably drafting a resolution list right now. If that is the case, then here are four concrete ways you can improve your business in 2018.

Take Full Advantage of Social Media

Unless you’re totally slacking off, the odds are pretty good that your business has, at a minimum, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Perhaps you even dabble in other social networks such as LinkedIn, and maybe you’ve even put some work into developing original content and/or advertising a bit.

Nonetheless, it is a pretty safe bet that you are not taking full advantage of all the benefits that’s social media offers. (It’s no coincidence that 76% of small businesses don’t see positive ROI from their social media pages.) In most cases, this is due to a very minimal amount of time, money, and effort invested in such endeavors. If you make an earnest attempt to post original content at least once a week, post curated content at least twice a week, and engage with every comment and message you receive in a timely manner, your social media campaign will automatically be in the top ten percent, without spending a single dime on advertising. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Get e-Comm

A shockingly low percentage of small businesses have an e-commerce presence. (In fact, only about half even have websites at all!) The reason why this is so surprising is that ecommerce is especially suited to smaller organizations. The reduced overhead and easy scalability makes online business an invaluable opportunity for companies like yours, so make sure your new years resolution list contains a plan to build your online store!

Be Ruthless Toward Unnecessary Costs

Many people start the new year looking to shed a few pounds. (And this is certainly an admirable goal, especially considering the fact that some studies have shown a correlation between promoting physical health and improving your financial well-being.) That being said, you should make it a goal to trim fat from your business operations as well! Overspending can really harm small companies dealing with tight budgets, so analyze the ROI on each and every dollar carefully.

Highlight What Makes You Unique

No two businesses are alike. (And this is a good thing.) Identifying what makes you special to your customers and to your industry is the cornerstone of any brand-building campaign — and you would do well to emphasize this through social media, customer experience, product design, professional photography, and every other medium possible.


Learn more about strategies for business success by browsing more articles on the Black and Gold blog — and don’t forget to share your own experiences in the comment section below!

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Using the Human Touch to Stand Apart in the Digital World

Tech forecasters often latch onto the latest technology under the assumption that everyone will want to adopt the latest and greatest digital tools, but there’s significant evidence to suggest that consumers aren’t as snowed by shiny new things as the tech industry would like them to be. Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways to set yourself apart.

Virtual Reality, Automation and Retail

There’s a simple truth that some futurists and forecasters would rather we ignore: lots of tech predictions end up being hilariously wrong. We were supposed to having flying cars by now, right? The fact is, tech requires wild imagination and daring dreams to propel itself forward, and a lot of those innovative concepts never see the light of days. Even those that do, like virtual reality, can land with a thud when it comes to actually delivering consumers what they want.

Tech overlords would have us believe that in the future, people will essentially conduct all of their business online, ordering their “internet of things” devices to complete basic tasks as automated bots and machines handle the rest. But is that what people actually want? The recent resurgence of retail suggests that visions of our completely digital futures may be a bit overblown. While some retail businesses are certainly struggling to stay afloat, a new class of experience-focused businesses are thriving in the physical space. This is a significant trend that shouldn’t be ignored.

Classic Customer Service in the Digital Space

So what is it that makes thriving brick-and-mortar businesses stand so steady against the digital tide? When you think about the issue from the perspective of individuality and interaction, the answer becomes clear. As much as technology develops around us, people are still essentially the same. We’re still social animals with individual wants and needs. A format that lumps everyone into a faceless mass and provides no real outlets for direct connection may provide convenience, but it doesn’t provide the direct connection that so many people crave.

So how do you leverage this if you run a digital-only business? Give your customers at least one way to connect with your brand directly. This often means using social media as a platform not only to reach out but to talk back as well. Leave comments active on all your social media accounts, and respond to questions or particularly noteworthy comments from your followers. Consider running giveaway contests and other interactive promotions that engage your followers and provide a specific payoff for engagement.

Don’t shy away from branching out into the real world as well. You can host in-person events such as pop-up shops or booths at major festivals or conventions and post pictures from these events in your feeds. An actual brick-and-mortar store isn’t the only way to go about it anymore. If you can turn your brand into a destination, you’ll enhance your appeal and prestige, giving your followers more reasons to stay connected and see if they can come experience your product line in person.

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