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How Small Businesses Use Instagram to Gain Exposure

Instagram for small businesses has become a gamechanger in recent years. It’s a powerful platform for building brands, discovering influencers, and creating a visual narrative of a company. Aesthetically pleasing and deeply personal, the social media networking site helps new companies gain the recognition they so richly deserve.

Creating a Narrative That People See, Enjoy, and Relate To

Through visual storytelling, small businesses are able to position themselves in the minds and lives of the people that make up their target audience. Because the internet is full of businesses vying for their customers’ attention, Instagram is the type of tool that gives companies a leg up on the competition. It allows them to form connections with the people the small businesses are trying to appeal to.

Offering New Products and Services, Promotions, and Partnerships with Influencers

When authenticity is present, loyalty follows. Customers go to Instagram for inspiration. They follow their favorite companies on the social media platform as a way to stay in the loop about new products being offered, promotions being run, and the new influencers being brought on to help the brand shine.

Small Businesses are Given a Gigantic Platform with Outstanding Worldwide Reach

With a platform that includes over 800 million active accounts monthly, there is no better place to create a rich visual narrative of a small business, its brand, and culture. According to Instagram, “80% of accounts follow a business,” and over 300 million accounts use the Stories option daily. The reason why so many businesses choose Instagram as the social media account they focus their marketing on is because it allows them to form connections with like-minded people, create beautiful branding through photography and creativity, and allow customers to explore companies which often leads to loyal consumerism.

From Obscurity to the Spotlight in a Matter of Months

Small businesses who want to go from obscurity to the spotlight quickly find ways to style their products and relay their services in a manner that makes their customers want to buy them. Relying heavily on their visual narrative, the photography being used for small business branding on Instagram must be perfect. It should tell the story about the company in a single shot.

The photography should evoke emotion, be memorable, and get people to want to take action by visiting the website of the small business, signing up for its mailing list or sharing the company’s post on their own Instagram account. Instagram helps gain interest in small businesses and drive sales to the company’s website, Etsy store or another e-commerce site. Our company specializes in small business branding with an emphasis on impactful photography that is relevant and breathtakingly beautiful.

What Black & Gold Can Do for Your Instagram Account

To learn more about Black & Gold and what we can do for your business, take a look at our website. Get a feel for how we work and the quality of services we provide. Let us help your brand stand out on the hottest platform available, Instagram, today!

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Take Your Brand to the Next Level With Badass Content

There’s a lot of content out there in the digital space, and most of it is terrible. This gives anyone with uniquely excellent content a major competitive edge. But if you want to take full advantage of this opportunity, you’re going to have to approach it like a fearless badass.

Badass Content Basics

What is badass content? You know it when you see it. It’s the Instagram feed that’s enviably curated and consistent. It’s the site copy that reads like poetry. It’s hard to do, and that’s why so few brands produce it. To elevate your brand’s content to the highest level, you’ll need to capture these fundamental qualities in your content and know exactly when each element is most appropriate for your goals.


Trailblazers set themselves apart by doing their own thing and never, ever following the leader. Sure, there are some basic rules you’ll need to follow to create successful content, but those rules run mostly in the background. Coming up with your own signature brand voice and style is an essential part of creating exceptional content. Don’t make random listicles and hop onto popular hashtags just for the sake of it. What works for another brand won’t necessarily work for you, so be brave and find your own way to shine.


Don’t go so far in the direction of originality that you start to take on a voice that doesn’t feel natural to what you’re trying to do. Staying true to your brand’s core mission and values is an essential element in creating standout content. It’s like spending time chatting with a person who obviously feels comfortable in their own skin and sure of their place in the world. Those people tend to be the most compelling, the ones you want to sit next to at a dinner party. Be different by being real.


Brands that really understand their audience tend to do the best content marketing. Speaking to some inherent need or persistent emotion can help your audience connect with your message. Call it a “pain point” if you like, but the idea is that content that feels insightful to your audience’s personal experience will be easier to connect with. It’s also quite bold to pick an audience you understand and go for it with no hesitation, and that’s the kind of badass approach that will really set your content apart.


By “inspiring,” we don’t necessarily mean something that’s going to motivate someone to change their lives, travel the world or find true love. Sure, if it’s relevant to what you’re trying to promote, go for it. But content doesn’t have to be completely transformative or lifechanging to be inspiring. Even something relatively low key, like a beautiful set of bangle bracelets, can tap into something aspirational in your audience. It’s all about making your presentation extraordinary.

Of course, that’s not all it takes to take your brand to the next level. Good content creation takes practice. Let BLACK + GOLD show you how it’s done.

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